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Since 1988


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Chandler Garage Door Service began in 1988 as a business specializing in providing the sort of customer service that people in the San Francisco region need after they’ve had a new garage door system installed. Back then, we saw a lot of installation professionals and businesses pushing new garage doors in the area. And, we rightly suspected that many of those companies didn’t have the same degree of focus on taking care of those systems afterwards as they did on selling them in the first place.


That is why the initial focus of Chandler Garage Door Service was on repairing and maintaining existing garage door systems, working in the San Francisco Bay region. Today, our service area is broad, including Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, Castro Valley, and numerous other regional cities and communities. We’ve earned the trust of our regional neighbors, as well as such national corporations as Lowes and Home Depot, companies that entrust us with their own garage door customers. We handle their regional warranty repair work. If they get a garage door openers Milpitas warranty call, they contact us.

Chandler Garage Door Service

Serving the San Francisco Region Since 1988

Automatic garage doors have been around a lot longer than most people realize. The February 1931 issue of Popular Science Magazine noted the invention of the radio signal garage door opener. By January of 1946, the magazine was touting automatic garage door systems in its “Aids to Modern Living” section. The associated technologies continued to evolve and as prices became more affordable to the average person automatic garage door systems became fairly common.


Our focus on repairing and maintaining these systems, working with parts and products from a broad range of manufacturers, allowed us to gain our experience in the garage door industry from the inside out. Chandler Garage Door Service specialized in the inner workings of automatic garage door systems long before entering the San Francisco region’s new garage door market. We know quality craftsmanship and which makers can be trusted to consistently provide it, taking what we’ve learned through the decades and applying it to selecting the manufacturers we trust to feature in our new garage door system inventory and showroom.


Our repair technicians are versatile and experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured. We want our employees to be as invested in the well-being of our company and our customers as we are. We at Chandler Garage Door Service operate as a team. We think that approach helps to ensure quality, which is why sub-contractors simply are not an option for us.


When we arrive on the repair scene, such as when we have a garage door repair Union City work order or a repair garage door Hayward ticket, we come ready to deal with most probable and potential residential garage door system problems, carrying a wide selection of parts and other repair necessities in our repair vehicles. Our warranties are among the best in the industry regionally, and, as we have for decades, the Chandler Garage Door Service team stands behind our guarantees.

Whether in need of a garage door system repair or thinking about having a new automatic garage door installed, Chandler Garage Door Service is your best regional choice. We can often provide same day repair service and our estimates are free. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff welcomes your telephone calls and questions, and is happy to provide maintenance and troubleshooting tips over the phone.

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